“An Amazing Talent’- Bob Johnson- Daly Wilson big band 2018

Will is the Best piano bar entertainer I have ever seen with a divine soul and raw gift. Denise Haddad Adelaide 2014

Will is the gift that keeps on giving ‘Pete Saturno 2016

Will creates an atmosphere wherever he performs- Greg Hart- Adelaide singer/performer 2017

‘A beautiful soul with an infectious rare gift for performance’ Natalie Gauci- Australian idol winner 2018

‘I just love Will’s energy and enthusiasm’- Hans- The Advertiser 2017

Infectious energy, this boy can play!- Aleesha Rome- Ronnie Scotts- London 2015

Will is a songwriter, singer, musician, actor- this boy can do it all- Naomi Ayers- Estill Method 2015

‘I’ve kept a book of all the funny things Will has said over the years’ Peter Nic Music Producer Adelaide 2019

Will is a barrel of laughs and a consummate professional- Break The Ice Entertainment 2018


Will Metzer has been performing music and singing since he was six years old when his family lived in a country town. After studying jazz and performing on worldwide cruise boats in his early 20s, he has had some wonderful opportunities to work with some big names in the entertainment game. Indeed Will in a “triple threat’ he can act, dance and play music and sing with a raspy voice with a seductive swagger.’’

His grand mothers were his biggest influences and influenced him greatly as his mother and father worked. In the holidays he would often spend eight hours by a piano learning and singing songs to his grandmother critics who were respectful and greatly meticulous in terms of music both coming from large musical families themselves. This created the passion and gave Will a conservative sense of humour coupled with a great respect for the wonderful music which was written in the 20th century. At the end of her life, Will’s Grandmother Barb noted that ‘Darling Will has grown to be a walking jukebox!’ Will loves making any occasion a bit of fun and hopes to allow his audiences 'to forget about life for a while’! (Billy Joel, aka Piano man)

Will’s shows to offer:

1. Back to Back pianos

2. Piano Bar classics singalong show

3. Piano Accordion favourites singalong show

4. Irish classics show

5. Solo piano- My biggest influences

6. Classics- impersonations of some of the great singers and piano players in bygone eras

7. Piano classics- showcasing music from many genres in a humorous way- influenced by Victor Borge

8. Michael Buble classics Show

9. Frank Sinatra Tribute

10. Harry Connick Jnr Tribute

11. Van Morrison classic hits show

12. Rat Pack Tribute with Anthony Minnicon and James Musci Big Band

13. Peter Allen Tribute

14. Liberace with a Twist show

15. Boogie Woogie Piano boy show

16. Dudley Moore piano show

17. Elton John and Billy Joel classics

18. Will Metzer duo with Sarah Lloyde show

19. Will Metzer and Natalie Gauci show

20. Will Metzer and Rachael Leachar show

21. Will Metzer and Nina V show

22. Will Metzer and Break the Ice girls show

23. Spice Rack show ( spice girls with a twist show)

24. Will Metzer and the Foenander Brothers show